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JimGalloway is a well-known Songwriter from the Philadelphia and Jersey Shore area. He has written many articles on Home Recording and Songwriting. Starting out as a Drummer playing in and around Bucks County Pennsylvania Jim attended the Kajem School of Recording. He started recording his Bands with Analog tape machines then, with the onslaught of the Digital Age, in the ’90s built his first Home Recording Studio in his bedroom.

“In those days the Bible for recording enthusiast was Home Recording Magazine” Soon he was published(BMI) in Nashville on Music Row at Trowbridge Publishing LLC. I’ve learned one thing after years of using the analog Multi-Tracking platform and eventually to the Digital World of recording.” Microphones are the tools of Songwriters”.With a decent mic, minimal recording equipment, and good knowledge on Positioning and Placement, you can make your music sound the very best it can sound without using time at the Professional Studio.” 


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